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"From basic project management to sophisticated first edition development, Van Brien & Associates has the talent I need and the flexibility to work within my budgets."

David Patterson

Publisher, Education and English, McGraw-Hill Higher Education

"A great deal of the success I have enjoyed professionally has been the direct result of how Vicki chose to guide my pathway as an author. I could not possibly have been any luckier than to have had such a long standing, solid relationship with her as my editor."

William E. Prentice, PhD, ATC, PT

Author, Principles of Athletic Training

"Gary J. O'Brien deserves a special mention as well. His careful proofreading of the text proved invaluable. Although opening a Word document with Gary's comments sometimes felt like being thrown into the ocean knowing sharks had been spotted, the mix of to-the-point remarks with humorous notes made the revision a truly enjoyable experience."

Wilfried Lemahieu, Seppe vanden Broucke, and Bart Baesens

Authors, Principles of Database Management: The Practical Guide to Storing, Managing, and Analyzing Big and Small Data

"I have worked closely with Vicki Malinee for several years. She is creative, hard working, perceptive and very bright. She is not only a very competent editor, but she sees the big picture and how all the pieces fit together as a comprehensive whole."

Sharon K. Ferrett, PhD

Author, Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond


"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my Developmental Editor, Gary O'Brien who, as always, has provided invaluable guidance throughout the development of this edition. In truth, Gary should share authorship with me on this project. Through his efforts he has demonstrated ownership and a personal investment in making this text the best it can be. His input, patience with me, and dedication to this project has been indispensable and I truly respect his opinions and direction on all of our projects. I would be hard pressed to complete any of our projects without his help."

William E. Prentice, PhD, ATC, PT

Author, Principles of Athletic Training

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